What Is Working and What Isn’t
By Phaidra Yunker Staff Writer, High Plains Reader

Harwood Prairie Playhouse’s “Barely Heirs” is in its last weekend. If you enjoy outlandish plot lines and hysterical stage antics, take the time to attend one of the last four performances of this original play by Fargo resident David Lassig.
Harwood Prairie Playhouse is well known for its farces. Each year the company produces one play that packs the house at Dawson Hall in Bonanzaville, and for many Fargoans this is their annual trip to the theatre. Audiences laugh uproariously at the ridiculous characters, door slamming chase scenes, and mistaken identities that inevitably appear in farcical plays. This year’s production is no exception.
“Barely Heirs” is a wonderfully enjoyable play. It is apparent that the cast is having a fantastic time with the ludicrous plot twists. Jane, a thirty-something woman, played by Shanara Lassig (who also happens to be David’s off-stage wife), needs a husband and she needs one now. In her desperation she enlists the help of her best friend, Claire (Amanda Eide) and her neighbor, Tom (David Lassig). To explain the plot any further would destroy the fun of the play. That is the nature of farce: the delight is in the surprise. All attendees need to know is that this play is wacky, absurd, totally hilarious, and not appropriate for young audiences.
“Barely Heirs” is the twisted brainchild of David Lassig, a longtime HPP company member and actor. This is the second season that the company has chosen to produce one of Lassig’s scripts.

Harwood Prairie Playhouse Debuts 2nd Original Play in as Many Years
Hold onto your seats! Harwood Prairie Playhouse has done it again! After the success of the last year’s riotous comedy “Who Maid Who?”, by resident playwright David Lassig, HPP has a special treat for her patrons in the debut of Lassig’s 2nd original farce, Barely Heirs. This year marks the 26th season of Harwood Prairie Playhouse, and will again be led by director, Troy Brewster, who once again teams up with Lassig to bring the audience a night of split-second timing and side splitting laughs!

Synopsis: When Jane’s beloved uncle passes away, she stands to inherit a fortune. All the executor needs to do is interview her and verify that she is indeed married, as stipulated in the will. Although Jane has never been married, she is confident she can secure her inheritance with the help of her friend’s husband, Tom. She just needs to keep the truth from the lawyer, and Tom’s wife Claire. Then Jane’s ex-boyfriend Paul shows up, Jane’s mother drops in, and an officer of the law stops by. After that, things get a little complicated…!

Lassig’s second play in as many years should firmly plant him in the minds of avid theatre-goers as a rising star to watch. I predict that soon theatres everywhere will be clamoring for the rights to the next Lassig farce, to fill their houses (and their bellies) with laughter!
You will not leave disappointed. Clear your calendar, pay the babysitter, and get out and see this show! I saw the show opening night, and I’m going again tonight! How’s that for an endorsement?

Show time for Barely Heirs is 7:30 pm. The remaining shows run March 25th, 26th, and 27th. There will also be a matinee at 2:00 pm Saturday, March 27th.

For more information about Harwood Prairie Playhouse, or to learn about volunteer opportunities, visit their website at www.prairieplayhouse.org or call (701) 298-6807.                                                                                  -James Patrick, Harwood Prairie Playhouse