Who Maid Who? - six maids, a chef, a gardener, an insurance agent, and a COP.....what could go wrong?

Who Maid Who? is a brand new farce by David Lassig.  The story is set in a comfortable lake cabin where Joe plans a quiet weekend retreat with his would-be-mistress. Add his best friend Chris, as an unwitting alibi, and Joe has all the makings of a worry free weekend, at least until his wife Robin shows up and catches her husband with a suspiciously-clad new "French maid"! As if this situation weren't sticky enough, enter Joe's parents, with a weekend of their own planned. Just when "Mr. Alibi" seems to have all the bases covered, Chris' own wife pops in to surprise him with a romantic weekend. Did we mention the inquisitive cop, the chef, the gardener, and the old maid?  This is one madcap weekend of laughter you won't want to miss! 

Barely Heirs - a million dollar farce

Barely Heirs opens with Jane about to inherit a fortune. It seems Jane’s uncle has passed away and left her a million dollars in his will. The only stipulation is that she was to be married for six months. Now, all the executor needs to do is interview her and verify that she is indeed married. Of course all would have went off without a hitch, had Jane really been married. Still, Jane is confident she can secure her inheritance with the help of her neighbor’s husband, Tom. She just needs to keep the truth from the lawyer, and Tom’s wife, Claire. Then Jane’s ex-boyfriend shows up, Jane’s mother drops in, and an officer of the law stops by. It sounds as if things are about to get a little complicated…!


On September 11, 2001, nineteen hijackers took control of four commercial airliners. Three of the planes reached the hijacker’s targets but the forth plane charted a different course because of the heroics of the passengers on board. The play is their story, a story about the courageous act of forty individuals who worked as one on the fateful day. It is a story of what it means to be a True Hero and a story that needs telling, so everyone can know how these great people gave their lives to save so many.  This is their story. 

This script, which is written to be done as a staged reading, received a premiere at The Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre on Septebmer 11th, 2011.   The script has numerous characters and is performed by 3 females and 4 males.  This script is available for immediate productions


Megan and Greg are planning to get married in Las Vegas.  The night before the wedding they have their bachelor and bachelorette parties at the same hotel.  On the morning of their wedding day, Megan wakes up in bed with the best man, and Greg wakes up in bed with a hotel maid.  Things only get worse when Megan discovers she's married to the best man and Greg discovers he's married to the maid.  Will they sort everything out in time for their wedding.


It's opening weekend of goose hunting in and poor Doug has been scheduled to work.  Doug has made plans to go goose hunting with his best friend Eric, so he tells his boss he can't work as he has to stay home with his pregnant wife.  It seems logical, except for the fact that Doug doesn't have a wife.  Now the boss is coming over to check on Doug's wife, so he needs to come up with one quick.   Eric comes up with a brilliant plan to solve Doug's problem, or should I say, many brilliant plans.  When the boss arrives, Doug already has two pregnant wives.  From there, more and more pregnant people keep showing up.  Not to mention Doug gets a surprise visit from his mother, who is shocked to see her son is not only married, but that his wife is pregnant.

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