Barely Heirs - a million dollar farce by David Lassig

This new show is now available for productions after a successful premiere at the Harwood Prairie Playhouse in West Fargo, ND.  The cast consists of 4 men and 3 women of varying ages. 

Jane, a cunning woman in her thirties/forites

Claire, a cute and naive woman in her thirties/forties

Paul, a hopeless romantic in his thirties/forties

William, an ordinary looking lawyer in his fifties/sixties

Tom, a likeable man in his thirties/forties

Richard, a police officer in his forties/fifties

Betty, a flamboyant woman in her fifties/sixtie

Barely Heirs opens with Jane about to inherit a fortune. It seems Jane’s uncle has passed away and left her a million dollars in his will. The only stipulation is that she was to be married for six months. Now, all the executor needs to do is interview her and verify that she is indeed married. Of course all would have went off without a hitch, had Jane really been married. Still, Jane is confident she can secure her inheritance with the help of her neighbor’s husband, Tom. She just needs to keep the truth from the lawyer, and Tom’s wife, Claire. Then Jane’s ex-boyfriend shows up, Jane’s mother drops in, and an officer of the law stops by. It sounds as if things are about to get a little complicated…!

If you are looking for a farce that has a woman as the lead, this may be the perfect show for your theatre group.  For more information about the play and for production details contact